Why Matttingly Lumber

Mattingly Lumber's experienced team has a well-earned reputation in the home building industry for our hard work, determination and technological proficiency.

Taking traditional approach, we utilize modern technology to streamline the manufacturing process to provide a money saving line of attack to better your company's profits!

  • We work diligently to ensure that jobs are completed on time and on budget.
  • Mattingly Lumber is a one stop shop—bring us your plans, we design the entire construction project!
  • We are in touch with today's market—offering you accurate estimates, a competitive price and timely service.
  • We will help you determine the materials necessary to complete your project—we also have the ability to research and acquire new products you may be interested in or require.
  • Our experienced staff can act quickly to resolve issues and help you solve problems.
  • We tailor our services to your needs.
  • We provide complete and accurate estimates and quick turnaround on both material orders and take off requests.
  • We value our longstanding strong relationships with management and people in the field running the job.
  • We strive for a 24-hour turn around—even for the smallest delivery.
  • We can help you keep your construction projects green by reducing wastes and valuable resources.


The panel process saves money and materials:

  • Jobsite trash and debris are reduced or eliminated.
  • Job sites are cleaner-better street appeal for your project-Good for the neighborhood and good PR for your company!
  • Laborer and dumpster costs for scrap are significantly reduced.
  • Site management is significantly reduced-as carpentry contractors work directly with us, the need for constant.
  • Supervision and/or superintendant presence is significantly reduced-allowing time to be better managed for furthering the entire process of completing the house.
  • Eliminate expensive field mistakes, waste cuts, and material theft.
  • Protect your products from exposure to elements due to damaging unplanned weather conditions.
  • Maintain quality control and provide a better product.
  • Significantly reduce managerial and clerical time-coordinate with one responsible party, pay one vendor and the house is under roof!